Best Course To Study In Nigeria 2021

This informative article it’s all about the best course to study in Nigeria in 2021, if you are about to choose the course to study in any Nigerian polytechnic, college of education or university, then you need to read this article so that you will know the best course to study as at 2021.

These course comes with several opportunities that you can’t find in any other course in Nigeria that is why millions of Nigerian students try as much as they can to study this courses.


Best Course To Study In Nigeria 2021

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers are always in demand, so if you are a mechanical engineer, employment is never a problem if you are a truly competent engineer and that is why it is ranked among the top courses in Nigerian universities.

There is a wide range of subjects accessible in mechanical engineering.  You can work in automotive engineering, aerospace engineering, marine engineering, mechanical engineering and many more.

With such a wide range of career opportunities, you’re likely to find something that fits your needs.  There is no country in the world that doesn’t have a need for mechanical engineers, and many mechanical engineering courses can attest to that.

Mechanical engineers are considered an important part of the community and without them, the progress of the global community and the advancement of the modern world is difficult.  They pay you a lot of money if you have experience and good technical and administrative skills.  Once placed in a good company, you don’t have to worry about your future.

Agricultural Sciences

The fact that agriculture is an industry that represents millions of people worldwide and affects all of us on a daily basis, the field has fewer and fewer people studying agricultural careers and wanting to work in it, which generates a greater difficulty in finding enthusiastic and qualified candidates for the field.

It is considered a premier course in Nigerian universities, as a graduate student in agriculture is highly sought after.  Nigeria is looking to improve the country’s agricultural system to boost the economic state of the country.

Since the industry is growing at such a rapid pace, there is a high demand for skilled professionals in all areas of agriculture.  The Nigerian Ministry of Labor predicts significant growth in employment in the food, renewable energy and environmental fields from this year through 2018 in the developing world.

Due to the growth in the sector’s focus areas, to remain competitive and ensure the best talent for the sector, organizations have increased employee salaries and generated more management positions for professional farmers.  In addition, in several countries, they have worked to provide better benefits to keep their workers motivated, professionally promoted, and having a career in the field.


Medicine trains health professionals to help treat and cure patients, it is considered the greatest course one can study in Nigeria, the student who graduates from this course has a 90% chance of being employed by private hospitals, clinics or public hospitals.

Employment as a medical doctor provides the essential knowledge to diagnose and treat patients, prevent diseases, manage drug resources and support scientific and technological changes. Initially, physicians are prepared to address general health problems and may later specialize in a particular area.

Physicians participate in scheduled appointments, follow the patient’s history through physical examination, determine the treatment to be followed to recover, prescribe medication if necessary, accept referrals to another area when the diagnosis requires a specialist in the field, act in operations, meet in -house consultations and may participate in scientific research.

The study of medicine requires many years of study and a complete residential practice before graduation. Afterwards, the professional may work in public or private hospitals, in medical rehabilitation centers, as a professor in universities, or in his/her own practice.

The career is designed for people with a vocation to help, good analytical perception, manual skills, a strong interest in saving lives, and increased knowledge of biology, chemistry and physics.

One of the most advanced academic fields in the world, the law degree is an interesting respect for degrees and guarantees enormous career opportunities. It is considered the best course to study in Nigeria.

Studying law is to protect justice, an ethical profession that is highly admirable and the world demands more credentials, law is not just for lawyers or in court, as it involves all factors of society.

The understanding and skills acquired in the study of law allow students to more easily evaluate both sides of complex circumstances or difficulties and build the best effect based on strong perception and critical thinking.

Finally, here are the job prospects for anyone who studies law in Nigeria; you can get jobs in chambers, scouting recommendations while studying law, self-employment as a personal lawyer to important people.

Nursing is a profession that requires a vocation first and foremost because skills and knowledge are not enough to be a good nurse. Therefore, it is important to be prepared to care for the sick or injured.

Within medicine or health sciences, nursing is one of the most sacrificial and difficult careers as it is not only required to learn knowledge but also to have a vocation of service to help and care for the sick. The role of nurses is extremely important as they are the ones who are aware of patients 24 hours a day as doctors are only responsible for diagnosis.

Few Nigerian universities have offered this course because of its requirements for competent lecturers and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for practice.

Oil and Gas Engineering
Petroleum engineers typically work in industries such as oil and gas extraction, mining, and petroleum and coal products manufacturing.

Few universities are allowed to offer this course to the student, but the majority of private universities and some federal universities do because it is a highly professional course and universities need the skills to offer this course to interested candidates.

There are various job opportunities for graduates who have studied oil and gas engineering, with a high salary and excellent work-life balance.

Public Works
Civil engineers are needed more than ever to rebuild aging infrastructure and adapt existing systems to the rapid changes in Nigeria.

While a bachelor’s degree prepares students with the technical knowledge and skills needed to enter the field of civil engineering, a master’s program guides working engineers on the path to leadership.

It is considered one of the best courses one can study in the world, including Nigeria, with the advantage of many opportunities that comes with it.



A wide field of action has microbiology.  For microorganisms are components of both man and the environment around us.  As in space.  And they give both benefits and damages to society.

One of the best courses in Nigerian universities is microbiology, because it is for students who are very interested and willing to study hard to become a professional in the field.

Certainly, the repercussions that occur from microbiology, in terms of daily life and the number of aspects that are part of it, is the most important factor in this science.  Because there are no limits to exclude in health sciences.

On the contrary, a great impact has been generated on the knowledge of microscopic life forms.  Thus, it relates to areas such as industry, public administration, energy resources.


Today, and for the past few years, patient safety is considered a fundamental principle of healthcare.  It is understood that there is some degree of risk in this process.  Of course, the physician is a key element.  His or her academic training is not a minor issue.  The curriculum for this career usually begins with anatomy.

It is considered one of the best courses in Nigeria because of its need for competence and professionalism.

Anatomy is the foundation of medicine since physiology, pathology, semiology and therapeutics require its knowledge and correct use of anatomical language.  On the other hand, despite a great number of medical advances and the support of computer science, errors can occur today in medical practice due to inadequate description and interpretation of anatomy, both in diagnoses and in procedures. treatments.  We believe that correct learning of anatomy is undoubtedly related to patient safety.

Anatomy is a fundamental science that encompasses different branches or disciplines with their specific approaches, which complement each other.  Taken together, they provide a more comprehensive view and understanding of the study of the human body.

An excellent knowledge of human anatomy is essential for physicians and clinicians to provide better health care and safety to their patients.

The medical career curriculum is constantly evolving and adapting to scientific advances.  This communication recommends fostering increased teaching hours and excellence in Anatomy education in the Medical Careers curriculum because today’s students are tomorrow’s professionals.

Mass Communication

Journalism is an ancient discipline that is responsible for collecting information of all kinds and by various methods, communicating it to the public through various media, which may be graphic, radio, television and, for a short time, digital journalism, via the Internet .

Mass Communication is a premier course in Nigeria, as the requirements for journalists and mass communication skills are high.

It is considered to be offered to candidates who have an excellent score in the entrance exam.  One of the great advantages of this career is that it offers you many alternatives and combinations, so you can choose this career with a view to combining a particular format and topic, for example sports journalism with radio.

The remarkable variety of formats and topics also affects the tasks of the journalist.  Depending on your preferences or the work you have to do, you may perform one or more of these tasks: researching sources; investigating; producing written articles, radio stories or columns, television programs or segments; producing journalism; conducting interviews; formatting or editing a journalistic production; writing for a blog or online newspaper.

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